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November 30, 2010


Your Work — Your Manuscript — You're Published
You've put a lot of effort and hours into writing your manuscript, and now the time has come to hold that book in your hands. My name is Cheryl Perez. I want to help you make it happen.

The literary world has changed significantly in the past few years, making publishing your own book a realistic and attainable goal. But formatting print books can be difficult, time-consuming, and often overwhelming.

I have over fifteen years of experience designing book interiors and laying out manuscripts. If you want to self-publish through a print-on-demand service such as Createspace, Lulu, or Lightning Source, I can get your manuscript print-ready.

What Services Do I Provide?
• Interior design and layout of your book, including page numeration, chapter breaks, section breaks, insertion of artwork, etc.
• Back cover layout and design matching front cover artwork
• Spine layout and design to fit the exact size of the book
• I'm only satisfied when you are, and I'll continue to work with you until we get your project where is needs to be

What Steps are Involved?
• Contact me at with information about your book, and provide me with the cover art and manuscript in MS Word .doc format
• Completed interior layout will be electronically delivered in the format that is most compatible with your publisher

• Back cover artwork will be designed to match supplied cover artwork
• Complete cover artwork will be formatted to match cover specifications of your publisher

What Costs are Involved?
• Every project is different, but most interior design/layout projects run $200
• Spine and back cover design start at $200
• Interior design+spine design+back cover design receives $50 off, with further discounts for multiple projects

The following book spines, back covers, and interiors were created and designed by me


"Cheryl helped me publish nine books through Createspace, and I couldn't be happier with the results. She's professional, affordable, and a pleasure to work with." JA Konrath, author of The List

"Cheryl Perez is not only fast but FABULOUS!  She was able to quickly format a monster project of mine, a 665 page baby, making it possible for Shadow Walker to be born just in time for the holidays!  Always pleasant, fun to work with, and having a keen eye for detail, she made my new foray into print on demand a wonderful and not-so-scary experience!  THANK YOU, Cheryl!  LA Banks, NYT and USA Today Best-selling Author, The Vampire Huntress Legends Series

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Cheryl. She provided quality work
coupled with the utmost professionalism."
  Shonda, author of My Soul
Fainted Within Me